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Riding at Metro Manila's MRT

The fastest way to travel around Metro Manila is through the Light Rail Transit / Metro Rail Transit or LTR/MRT. It saves you time and perspiration in enduring the everyday traffic caused by too many jeepneys and buses as well as the frequent stopovers to pick up commuters. However, you also have to endure hardships in riding the MRT.

An Experience Riding at the MRT

Last week, my son and I went to Greenbelt in Makati and from Bulacan dropping off at MRT North EDSA and riding the MRT from there to Ayala Station would be the fastest way. Luckily we are at the first station so we got a chance to sit for if not we will be enduring pain on our legs and the perspiration of having to stand up the rest of the trip.

The MRT's use is very practival and efficient that around 400,000 people a day ride in it. During rush hour the trains and stations were jampacked that you have to endure the long line in order to get a ticket and even went inside the train station itself.

A friend observed that there was even a problem with constructing the MRT. By the way the MRT is the Light Rail Transit running along EDSA which traverse from Sm North up to Taft Avenue. Most of the stations here are located high up and you have to climb up a long stair case or go to an elevator which takes 30 seconds or more to climb one floor. Only few stations has elevators as well.

Riding MRT is both an experience, a challenge and an a good way to get to your destination. The crown and having to stand up would be form of good exercise as well than getting late for an appointment.