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March 4 U.S. Elections Update: Obama wins Vermont while Clinton Sweeps Texas, Rhode Island and Ohio

After the full result of the day came in it was evident that Sen. Hilary Clinton bounced back to full gear in her campaign for the Democratic Nomination. CLinton take a sweep on Ohio, Rhode Island and the Texas Primaries while Obama claimed his 12th straight win in Vermont.

Barrack Obama wins in Vermont with a margin of 60-38 percent against Clinton. Obama had an early lead in Texas 53 to 46 percent but it was not enough to sustain it as the results came it win Clinton gaining advantage 51-48 in favor of Clinton.

Hilary Clinton also takes Rhode Island with 58 to 40 percent against Obama and Ohio based, 54 to 44 percent.

Hilary's advantage in Ohio and Texas can be attributed to Ohio's large Hispanic population. Clinton's campaign aides, as well as she herself says that no Democratic candidate can be a nominee without winning Ohio. Well she did win in Ohio but does that mean she is more qualified than Obama.

Despite the split winnings and renewed vibrancy of Clinton, she might not have enough to sway the delegate count to her favor and the Democratic Nomination might extend to Pennsylvania on April 22.

This might be unfavorable for the Democrats as John McCain clinches the GOP nomination today by taking the required number of votes and begins to concentrate for the November 2008 general elections.