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Hilary Clinton Endorses Barrack Obama

Well that would be a good news for everyone to read. Isn't it? When will be the time that we will see Sen. Hilary Clinton finally conceding the race to Obama and endorsing her closest rival in the race?

Will we expect that anytime soon? I guess not since the main man behind Hilary which is his husband Bill, is even floating the idea of a Clinton - Obama a ticket. John Kerry, an Obaba supporter was surprised because this is the first time that someone in second place in the nomination contest is offering the front runner to be number two.

Clinton did ask every American as to who they want to answer a national emergency call at 3:00am, so who do you want to answer that phone? Is it Hilary and her multiple personality or is it John McCain and his pro-Iraq and aggression policies.

I am sure that before the convention for the Democratic Party comes that we will all finally see this headline... that Clinton finally endorses her rival barrack Obama for the United States Presidency.