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Happy Easter and Some Reflections

Easter is a yearly celebration which all of us are aware but what is the real meaning of this day? Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from His death. He was crucified and condemned but He promised that He will come back in 3 days. It is the fulfillment of salvation.

Easter also means self renewal and self-assessment. Dying in ones old self and being born under a new and improve self. A self not only dedicated for your self interest but also for others. A life worth living and worth dying for.

For some Easter marks the start of the hunt for the Easter egg or it synonymous to the Easter Bunny. Well that may be part of Easter but that is not what this day is made for.

This Easter as in everyday of our life let us thank God for all the blessings and for giving His only son, Jesus Christ to save us. May this Easter bring us an experience of renewal.

Whatever your religion maybe the important thing is this Easter brings you something to realize your true worth as a person. And may it encourage you to make a difference in your life.

A Happy and Meaningful Easter to All!