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Happy 6th Year Anniversary Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD)

Today we celebrate the 6th Anniversary of our organization, Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD). What started as a simple clique of friends turned out to be an organization which now has more than 500 members in the Philippines and about 40 Internationally. It started from simple things and inspired by yet simple things like Hunter X Hunter and Geineiryodan... today we are an organization trying to make a difference.. We have also seen recognition of the organization by various sectors... I also invite everyone to come... JOIN US and TOGETHER MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
"It was an honor to be the Secretary General and one of the organizers of our organization. I am honored by each and everyone of you because we are all one in this organization... we are a family. At certain points I feel the stress, I feel depression and feel like surrendering this cause because it seems that only a few really care... but I never did all of that because I know everyone... every single member cares for this organization in his/her own simple way. " - SHEN BROOD (Click Here to VIEW THE FULL ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE)
This 6 years marks the very best start of the organization as an organization which will make a difference no matter what your gender, age, color, political beliefs or gender is. On March 25, we are encouraging chapters to commemorate this occasion and during the 3rd Youth Summer Camp on May 16-19, 2008 join us and celebrate making a difference. [Download the 2007-2008 Accomplishment Report | View the BROOD Photo Gallery ]

We thank all our members - THE RYODAN - who had always stood for the organization and together with everyone collectively made a difference in each of the simple ways that they can. To all those who had supported and believe in us throughout the years, we would like to extend our sincerest and heartfelt thanks.

Let us together continue to make a difference and be stronger in the years to come.

HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD), Inc.

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