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A Christian Holy Week Message of Sacrifice and Renewal (with songs for reflection)

During this time the Christian world is celebrating the Holy Week which depicts the passion of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago. Christ had helped many people, cured the sick and brought a message of hope and salvation. Despite these positive messages and acts, He was cursed, tortured and crucified to death. What is His fault? Most probably because He is a threat. A threat to established religion and order of that time.

More than that historical contest, the Holy Week reminds not only Christians but all of us to look into what He had done in realistic and humane concept. Christ's suffering be it to the believer and the non-believer reminds us of the very nature every human has. His innate nature to goodness and his ability to sacrifice and think of the good of his fellowmen.

In a world beset by war, famine, hunger, climate change and many other problems, the need to sacrifice and to do something more than just oneself is an imminent need. Our lives should no longer be confined in our workplace, our home and our comfort zones for everyday we are affected by what is happening around us.

Let me dedicate this song which inspired me in a lot of times and may its message touch you as you continue to read the rest of this message.... in fact I end up crying while I am listening to this song.

Climate change if unabated will bring Armageddon and chaos on every corner of the Earth and it does not exempt those who are well off or is comfortable at present. More people are getting hungry everyday by the mere fact that those who have enough are consuming more than enough.

More people are becoming poorer because those who are wealthy are becoming more greedy and want to become richer. Those who do share to the poor are doing it because they are profiting from them. Famine is striking most nation in Africa and yet most are wasting food.

HIV-AIDS, malaria and other sickness are killing more and more people. Sex is becoming an everyday world and as if it does not even matter to have feelings and consider love for doing the pleasure of the flesh. Respect for one another is slowly diminishing and being replaced with selfishness and individuality.

If only we could decrypt and decode the passion of Christ and if only we could view it beyond our own religious biases then maybe we can better understand the similarity between every religion. Maybe, we can better understand in one unison the single message that all religions deliver.

Majority of religions have one message shouting to us and awaiting to be discovered... that is, "To Love One Another, As We love Ourself" To do more than just caring for ourselves.

Faith, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance, Charity and Hope are the seven virtues which each of us are called to practice. These virtues are those which I personally hold viable within myself and within my organization.

May the message of this Lenten Season transcends not only in our hearts and minds but also in our soul and being... Once again here is a song for everyone to reflect...