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US Super Tuesday Finale: McCain and Clinton Takes Super Tuesday Major Victories

Sen. John McCain cemented his front-runner status Tuesday, piling up big wins coast-to-coast. Democratic voters remain evenly split over which of their candidates they would rather see get the nomination.

With just New Mexico left to be counted, Sen. Barack Obama won more states Tuesday, but Sen. Hillary Clinton won states with higher delegate counts. (Vote in Our Preference Poll Today)

McCain capped the night by taking California and its 170 delegates.

Super Tuesday Wins Summary


Barrack Obama (13): Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, Alabama, Utah, North Dakota, Kansas, Connecticut, Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, Missouri.

Hilary Clinton (8): Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona, California


John McCain (9): New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Oklahoma, California, Missouri, Arizona

Mitt Romney (7): Massachusetts, Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, Arkansas

Mike Huckabee (5): West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee