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Obama Wins 7 States in a Row and Edges Clinton on Delegates

Barrack Obama sweeps the Potomac Primaries, February 12 to take the lead in the Democratic race for delegates as he garnered 18 more delegates based on CNN's 2008 Election site. As of today Obama has 1,202 delegates against CLintons 1,184. Clinton still leads in Super delegate count but Obama is way ahead on pledge delegates.

"Tonight we're on our way," he told cheering supporters in Madison, Wis. "But we know how much further we have to go on," Obama added, celebrating eight straight victories over Clinton, the former first lady now struggling in a race she once commanded.

Since Super Tuesday wins Clinton had not manage to get new victories in the new primaries and Obama continues to dominate the race. This results also prompted Clinton to get a new campaign manager and also led to the resignation of her deputy campaign manager.

Clinton seeks to get a new spirit from the upcoming primaries in Texas and Ohio in March but this seems to be unsure since Obama's edge on voters is starting to show as more women and whites are now beginning to support him.

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