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Mom Takes Child Away from Father

A mom takes away a loving daughter out of her father's arms without even giving the father notice that she is getting her daughter. This was the case of Henry Lopez, the father of Angelica "Angel" Lopez after his estranged wife took off to Hawaii with his daughter.

"How does one deal with such cruelty? I, who had been the both the father and mother all these years, have been suddenly deprived of Angel by the very person whose duties and responsibilities I have graciously assumed in her absence," Angel's father lamented in his blog.

This is a rare case of using technology and the media to seek rights to a child who had been taken away abruptly by a parent. We know that Henry's battle is just beginning for in this case he might also loose the case of custody. The thing though is why would a mother not consult this case with the father present and ask the child herself if she is willing to go.

Parents are supposed to guide their children and not make life harder for them. It is a pity that things like this happen but this is the reality of the world. More and more women are now trying to work to make both ends meet and in the end the family suffers.

We are calling on Ange's mom to contact Henry and settle this issue so that their children will have the peace they deserve. Henry has a right as a father and Angel deserves to see his father and the love and care of him.

I hope that this issue will be resolved soon. Our prayers goes to Henry and his family.

You can read more about Angel's story at Henry's blog.