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Jericho's Season 2 Will Be a Sure Hit (with Trailer Video)

Been watching the first three episodes of Jericho Season 2 and it is an intriguing story even more fascinating than before. Jericho's story revolves around the post nuclear holocaust days in the United States when 23 states were devastated by bombs which was locally detonated. The show which viewers fight for to retain on air.

Robert Hawkins argues that it is a conspiracy while stories circulating around and published by the newly establish government says that it was caused by Iran and the Communist Korea.

A government with a young president was installed in Cheyenne, Wyoming and established a new country under the name Allied States of America. They also plan to draft a new constitution and is rewriting U.S. history books.

Jericho Returns on CBS

There was a great conspiracy made and Jericho will be the center of those who will uncover this greatest conspiracy ever.

A highly recommended show for everyone.

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