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Jennifer Lopez Delivers Twins: A Boy and a Girl

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony became the parents of twins early on Friday in a New York-area hospital, according to People magazine, which reportedly paid upward of $6 million for the photo rights.

The boy and girl, delivered in a Long Island, New York, hospital, were the first for the 38-year-old actress and singer, whose efforts to become pregnant have filled tabloid pages in the past few years. Anthony, a 39-year-old salsa singer, has a daughter and two sons from two previous relationships.

Lopez did not confirm her much-rumored pregnancy until early November, when she announced the news to a Miami audience while on a concert tour with her husband.

The trade publication Advertising Age reported earlier this week that People magazine was poised to pay the couple between $4 million and $6 million for exclusive U.S. rights to the first photos of the twins.

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