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Welcome 2008... Welcome New Video Games for the Year of the Rat

2008 is now on its foot and as another year opens gamers around the world is looking out for new releases of their favorite video games. In 2007 we have seen many video games and also the release of new consoles like the WII, Playstation 3 and more. As a gamer myself I can say that personally I had no chance to play games for a while because of being busy with work and with my organization but still I have the eyes for the hot games out there.

Some of the upcoming games for 2008 includes Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is getting a release this year for Nintendo DS. It is a sequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube. The game takes advantage of both the local wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities of the system and features voice acting.

Turok which will be the latest installment in the first-person shooter series of video games based on Acclaim Entertainment's comic series under the same name will also be released. The game is currently scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 5, 2008 and in the spring for the PC.

Civilization Revolution is a new iteration of Civilization being developed by Firaxis with Sid Meier as designer for seventh generation consoles and hand-helds. The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS versions are due for release in early 2008, while the Wii version is expected for late 2008. Civilization Revolution will feature some robust multiplayer options including ranked games for up to four players (including four-player free for all, 1-on-1 duels, or 2-on-2 team matches), as well as leaderboards and support for video chat.

An expansion pack for Command and Conquer 3 is also upcoming this year. Kane's Wrath is set to feature a "Risk-like" gameplay called "global conquest mode", where players can move their armies around the world map and then strategically engage each other in battles which are fought through traditional Command & Conquer RTS gameplay. This gameplay mode will also replace the traditionally linear single player campaigns of the previous Command & Conquer games, allowing for the players to freely choose the order of the missions.

Grand Theft Auto IV (also known as GTA IV or GTA 4) will be the tenth game, and first in the fourth generation of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise. It has been announced by Rockstar Games for release within February–April of 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is set in a redesigned Liberty City, based heavily on New York City. GTA IV runs on the RAGE game engine, which also powered Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis. The game is being written by Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser. It will include online play, but will not be an MMOG.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (commonly abbreviated to MGS4) is the forthcoming game in the popular Metal Gear series. Directed by Hideo Kojima. Shuyo Murata and Yoji Shinkawa, Guns of the Patriots is currently being developed by Kojima Productions exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game is being designed around the motto, "No Place to Hide!" As with previous iterations in the series, MGS4 will purportedly be the last Metal Gear Solid game developed by Hideo Kojima, and the last game in the series starring Solid Snake. It is due for simultaneous release in Asia, North America and Europe in Q2 2008.

All in all 2008 will be a busy year for 2008 with events like E3 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on July 15 to July 17 and Tokyo Game Show At the Makuhari Messe International Convention in Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan on October 9 to October 12 to support them.

Below is a list of upcoming video games as sourced from Wikipedia:

January - March 2008 Releases
Unscheduled 2008 Releases