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US Elections Update: Sen. Edward Kennedy and His Niece, Caroline Endorses Sen. Barrack Obama

Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts will endorse Senate colleague Barack Obama for president, party officials confirmed Sunday. Kennedy's endorsement of Obama will follow that of his niece Caroline, who backed the Illinois senator on Saturday. In an editorial in The New York Times, she said Obama could inspire Americans in the same way her father, President Kennedy, did.

With this development Sen. Barrack Obama will surely gain momentum in the campaign and the upcoming major primaries in 22 states which begins February 5. Caroline says that he sees the senator as the one closes to his dad in terms of inspiring people and enacting the much needed changes that the United States badly needed.

President JFK was one of the most loved US presidents, however his term was cut short by an assassination. His brother Bob, was also viewed as the next President but he never made it to the actual campaign also due to an assassination. Obama is making a huge take at history as seen in the recently concluded South Carolina caucus which puts in his support both black and whites alike.

Clinton however, says that this also happened to former Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson who also won in the state but failed to get the nomination. But with the endorsement it seems that the legacy of the Kennedy's and their views point to Obama as the best among the Democratic candidates.

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