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Supporting [minus]Plastic, You can play a part in saving the evironment!

By Wilsong Ang, ECO-Singapore

The launch of the [minus]plastic campaign website was a resounding success!

It was covered by couple of main stream media and was also discussed over the air at some radio station.


More than 400 pledges collected within the 5 hours of event at atrium@orchard (12.30 to 5.30)

And at current we have about 600 pledges. But we can do better together.

Upon launching the campaign website, you can now play a role to make this campaign a runaway success!

We are looking at 10,000 pledges by this month end and we will send it up to corporates who have not taken part in the "Bring Your Own Bag" movement in Singapore to take it on.

And to those corporate who HAVE already done so, we hope to have them to do more than just ONCE a MONTH.

Your pledge count! And so will your friend's!

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