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Singapore: Volunteering Oppotunity: Youth Speak Up! Dunk It @ NDP 2008

The National Day Parade is hail as the largest national event in Singapore and preparation often takes one year . It attracts more than 15,000 ticketed audience and many more performers and others gathered to watch at the Marina Promenade area.

Often after the event , litters are thrown left around the site with it is a disgrace to see that we as a Garden City, famous for our clean environment does not practice keeping it clean.Leaving to the cleaners.These litters can pollute the river and reservoir , pose a hazard to others and also breed mosquitos.

ECO-Singapore , for the past 2 years have led a groups of 200 - 400 students volunteers ,during the NDP shows to encourage the public to bring back or properly dispose of their trash. The situation has yet to improve and we understand that habits take time to change. Therefore this year , we will be doing it again , to further reinforce the message.

It is not easy to engage the public with students and , countless creative methods had been created by the past organising committee.It is not only fun , but also makes celebrating the Nation's Birthday in a meaningful way.

The Organising team will plan and conceptualise the whole event, manage and train , volunteer leaders and students and also liaise with the authorities to make this event happen .It is a great learning experience. You will be put to the test and it would be an unforgettable experience for you .

Commitment will be for 7 month , till National Day 2008

The positions in the organizing team is subjected to the need of the event and they are:

1) Chairperson
2) Vice-Chair
3) Secretary
2) Operation Head
3) Sector ICs
4) Publicity Head
5) Treasurer

Keen take up this challenge ?

Give me a call at 97941914 or drop me an e-mail at to discuss further.

Heng ZengRong
ECO - Singapore