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Renaldo Lapuz, Filipino American Idol Invades YouTube by His "We're Brothers Forever" (Video)

The American Idol contestant who is obviously a Filipino-American and who was turned down by the judges of the popular show, "American Idol" is getting a huge fan base and topping the honor chart of YouTube.

Renaldo Lapuz joins the contest and renders hos very own composition entitled, "I Am Your Brother" He was dressed in a pimp suit costume and sings a song which is seemingly dedicated to one of the judges, Simon Cowell. The song was repeated again and again and beep up the judges into singing the song themselves.

Obviously most of the fun and laughter as well as comments from the judges where of sarcasm rather than praise but the thing is if there is one to come true perhaps that is Simon's comment... this will hit big!

After William Hung's terrible singing so She Bangs here comes Renaldo who obviously has a better voice than Hung and perhaps could enjoy the fame longer.

Here is his original video of his audition.

This YouTube entry has won 23 honors, among them are:

Plus some more videos from fans and those who had amired him.

Alina "I Am Your Sister"

Anthony Patrick on Renaldo Lapuz

Jake Braker Applauds Renaldo

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