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Publishing Opportunity for Volunteers

One of East Asia's leading publishing companies is seeking uplifting, intriguing and unique true stories about volunteering and articles about volunteerism for a forthcoming motivational book on volunteering and public service.

If you have an interesting, inspirational, funny, or sad story about a volunteering experience you would like to share, please consider this amazing opportunity. Your story could be published internationally, reaching an audience of more than several million. You do not need to have volunteered in East Asia or be a seasoned writer to tell your story. Give your unique experience the opportunity to inspire others by bringing it to life on paper.

Articles and stories can cover a wide range of topics and issues, including:

· Changing views: life-altering/perspective-changing experience
· Challenges & triumphs: overcoming a personal, organizational or team obstacle(s)
· Cross-cultural understanding
· Forging friendships
· Humorous happenings
· Unusual encounters (e.g. meeting a long-lost friend)
· On the line: risking your life to deliver aid or service in a conflict or post-conflict region
· Meeting your future spouse
· Strengthening family bonds through volunteering
· New career prospects
· Finding your goals and meaning in life
· Benefits of volunteering

For more information about the publication and article submission guidelines, please email Audra Aucoin at .