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New Reality Shows Under Development Possibly to Ease Off WGA Strike

The American Writers Guild strike is still continuing and with this two of my favorite shows have totally run into a stand still, Heroes and Smallville. Well these two shows are not the only victims for I am sure that a lot of high rating tv series are also suffering.

Because of this reality shows are again on the rise and under development and here are some of the reality shows underdevelopment based on Mark Gardiner's article on E-zine

1.) Survivor: Red State, Blue State

With CBS' writer-driven Big Bang Theory threatened, they've turned to Jeff Probst for this politically timely spinoff. Survivor: Red State, Blue State is actually two shows in one. In 'Red State', 16 conservative Republicans from the Midwest will relocate to Berkeley, where their tolerance and flexibility will be tested with a variety of challenges including yoga and a worshiping at a Wiccan solstice festival. In 'Blue State', 16 metrosexual hipsters from the coasts will relocate to a dorm at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.

2.) America's Next Top Reality Show Host

Another timely show, since a long strike will create even more demand for new reality shows. Participants in this CW show will pitch their own shows to a panel including 'Top Model' producers Ken Mok and Anthony Dominici.

3.) Who Whines To Be A Millionaire

ABC has teamed up with Regis Philbin to produce this ultra-efficient show. The set is simply a bare stage with a microphone stand. Eight audience members are selected at random and each is given two minutes to argue, harangue, beg and plead with the audience, which then votes to determine which contestant gets the money.

4.) Drumming With The Stars

CBS is another network worried that, without new dramas, its audience will vanish without a trace. As a stopgap measure, the network plans to air this spinoff. Stars will be judged by Tommy Lee, eccentric poet Robert Bly, and a visiting judge from a different musical genre each week.

5.) The Cat Whisperer

"Cats are the new dogs," says Cesar Millan, who hopes that this show, which he's exec producing, will be his bridge to basic cable. Felicity Horn will star; she's the niece of magician Roy Horn.

6.) The Biggest Gainer

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hope American girls in the coveted 75-90 pound demographic will have an appetite for this show, which NBC will run in its hot 'Bionic Woman' slot. It will go behind the usually closed doors of a renowned eating disorder clinic. 16 anorexic teenagers will compete to see who can gain the most weight in six weeks. Alison Sweeney is producing. "We've got product placement deals lined up out the door," she says. Rumor has it that Häagen Daz has already signed a seven-figure deal for title sponsorship.

Mark Gardiner is the creative director of the viral video team HowToFryAnEgg. He's pitching his own show, which he describes as a cross between The Dog Whisperer and Dancing With The Stars. No, really. He is. That's not a joke.