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Malaysia Public Transport Needs Wider Reach

DEPUTY Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had said that in developed countries, 60 per cent of city dwellers use the public transport system but here in Malaysia , less than 20 per cent of us do. His statement is reflective of the city culture as many prefer to drive their own vehicles than take public transport.

This is due to inefficiency of the public transport system.

We urge the Cabinet Committee on Public Transport to study how countries like Singapore and Japan have implemented successful transport systems.

Malaysia should have a wide reach and transport clusters in smaller cities and towns should be linked to a national transport net work.

This will enable an integrated system.

Public transport can succeed only if they have a sizeable reach in destinations, good service and delivers an uninterrupted journey.

Stakeholders must participate in the development of a better integrated transport system and re member that technology changes quickly and we are still far away from the best.

Piarapakaran Subramaniam
FOMCA Environment Desk