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Love, Pain and Anger

Images How would you feel if you love a person so much and then all of a sudden he or she will tell you upfront that it is all over, that he/she is already suffocated and tired of your relationship? How would you feel after all the hardships and sacrifices that you have given all of these will be told to you on an emotionless way?

The love that you felt before will turn into pain and for some it might be an endless pain and for many it would then be after all the pain turn into an emotion of anger and hatred.

Uni_practice_iv___love_hurts_by_sailor__Love is a great feeling and it makes you feel secure and important but most of the time when love ends it hurts so much that you wish to die and hope that all that is happening is just a bad dream.

Most of the time as well, along life's journey we tend to love not only one person but multiple persons. We will stay with one and settle with that person but in order to preserve that relationship and satisfy some of our longings we might end up in somebody's arms and loving that person as well. In the end we will realize that the person who really loves us is the person that we neglected and tend to hurt the most.

Love is a complex feeling. It is not easy to decipher and loving someoneLove means life and death, happiness or pain. Whatever path we take in love we will surely experience both sides of the love equation.

How would you feel if you already feel that your personality and dignity is already being trampled upon? If someones sanity will be tested I think this is the time that you will be thinking what have you done that is so wrong and made all of the love blunders you are experiencing and turn it into your worst nightmare.

I had been in love... not once... not twice.. but many times. And I had been hurt a number of Love_istimes as well. I had trusted and loved people so much but those that I loves truly sometimes are the once who will hurt me the most and in the end leave me. A treasure once but in the end thrown like a trash and no longer glanced or looked back at.

But in the ultimate end the good thing is that we have love and if someone breaks our heart always remember that it is not our loss but it is the loss of the person breaking us... we will still be alive tomorrow... to love and try again.