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Lost Season 4 Premieres Today on ABC

An all new season of Lost is premiering today at 8pm and 7pm Central Time on ABC. Lost is the story of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and their chronicles on an island which is just more than an island... a tale of survival, horror, discoveries, romance and mystery.

Read on to watch premiere video and a flashback of the series.

Season 3 ends off with the contact of Jack with their supposed rescuers but as Charlie drowns he sends a message to Desmond that the fleet is not what Naomi tells they are. Faced with a new set of foes and Ben's truthful plea not to call the fleet puts more excitement into this new season.

As we are driven back to the characters that we love for the past three seasons I am sure that we will love them more.

Lost Season 4 Premiere

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