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Health and Wellness... Earn While Being Healthy... A Product that is Unique

I had seen many products that promotes wellness out there in the market. They say that they are effective and enhances various aspects of the body. For most of these products I have doubts about the real effects of them although I believe in herbal and organic products since herbal medicines have natural therapeutic effects.

Magnetic therapy and bracelets are not new to me. I used to wear Chinese charms or bracelets which are magnetic and is said to enhance your personal attraction towards others. The thing is although it is luck at first that I believe is working on it, we can't deny the fact that since our body is composed of energy it is possible and an imminent truth that magnetism can affect our body.

Have you wondered why farmers have longer life? Have you wondered why astronauts needs magnet in their suits when they go to the moon? In all of these the Earth's magnet is one great factor. I am sure all of you from elementary school have learned that the Earth is one giant magnet and the fact that farmers and even the beggars who had no slippers have direct contact to the Earth have healthier body given the more exposure they have to various illnesses.

So how did magnetic therapy start?

For thousands of years, Chinese, Egyptians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and Indians have used magnets to heal. Ancient Greece discovered the very first natural magnet in the form of the lodestone and Hippocrates, the father of medicine, noted its healing powers.

The Egyptians, too, described the divine powers of the magnet in their writings and Cleopatra frequently adorned herself with magnetic jewellery to preserve her youth. Chinese manuscripts dating back thousands of years described the eastern belief that the life force termed Qi was generated by the earth’s magnetic field. Today, magnetic therapy is well established in many countries such as Japan, China, India, US and Germany.

How do these bracelets work?

The magnetics theory revolves around the premise that magnets improve the circulatory system and blood flow. The increased circulation gives the body more of nutrients it needs in the blood, improving health naturally.

Neodymium biomagnets, which are derived from the earth, hold their charge indefinitely, with no significant loss of power after 10 years. At first their cost is prohibitive but now they are very economical. The magnets are combined with titanium, because titanium is as strong as steel, but is 45 per cent lighter.

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