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Excitement and Suspense Awaits Viewers as Lost Season 4 Premieres January 31st (Video)

The hanging season finale of Lost Season 3 has watchers in awe as the season ended. The hope for the survivors grew thinking that a helicopter will soon rescue them after Jack established contact with the supposed boat sent by Penelope, Desmod's estranged fiance.

But Locke and Ben seems to have a different perspective. Ben is saying that contacting the boat is the beginning of the end for all of the survivors. Well this can be corroborated by the fact that Charlie before succumbing to his death talked to Penelope herself and she confirmed that she does not know Naomi. This message he relayed to Desmond. (Video Trailer after the jump)

Many questions are waiting to be answered on this new season. Where are they? Is the island like a purgatory since Naomi told them that they were all found dead inside the plane or was it a bluff just to get their trust? How did Jack and Kate get out of the island as shown in the flashforward? Who is Jacob?

The sixteen-episode fourth season will begin airing on January 31, 2008[1] and will conclude (pending resolution of the Writers Guild of America strike) in May 2008.


The Beginning of the End" will be its first episode. Due to production of the fourth season being put on hold because of the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike, the show runners wanted to hold the eight episodes that have been produced until they are able to make more of the season[16] however ABC decided that "The Beginning of the End" will air at the end of January 2008, regardless of when the strike ends.

This is the first Lost episode to air on Thursday at 9:00 pm; previous episodes had aired on Wednesdays. "The Beginning of the End" is scheduled for an outdoor premiere at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki, Honolulu, where movies are regularly shown on a 30-foot screen free to the public.

So until then sit tight and hold your breathes.