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2008 US Presidential Elections: A Test of Equality and Racial Prejudice (First Woman, First Black, First Mormon)

Gov. Mitt Romney

First Mormon President?

Sen. Barrack Obama

First Black President?

Sen. Hilary Clinton

First Woman President?

The 2008 US elections is shaping up to be perhaps the first ever test of equality and prejudices among both the candidates and the voters. Sen. Barrack Obama is hoping to be the first black president while Sen. Hilary Clinton is hoping to be the first woman president and still another one Massachusetts' Governor Mitt Romney as the first Mormon President.

Recently the clash between Clinton and Obama over black issues had began to take shape. As Clinton was accused of belittling the gains of Civil Rights activist Marthin Luther King, Obama was being accused of just a mere rhetoric of sorts. Clinton says that Obama's opposition to the Iraq war is just a show off because he votes contrary to opposing it rather he supported funding for the troops in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Obama is saying that support for the US troops in Iraq is an obligation by the government rather than part of the issue of taking aback the Iraq war.

On the June 6, 2005, issue of The Weekly Standard, a political magazine it was stated that during Sen. Orrin Hatch's 2000 presidential campaign, the senator talks about what motivated him to run. Hatch, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, cites polling data from 1999 suggesting that 17 percent of Americans wouldn't vote for a Mormon for president under any circumstances. "One reason I ran was to knock down the prejudicial wall that exists" against Mormons, he says. "I wanted to make it easier for the next candidate of my faith."

Perhaps he is not seeing Mitt Romney as the next candidate but somehow he made his point, the only thing is if what he made way back then made some significant contribution to how the voter's see such a Mormon candidate.

As the primaries starts and takes shape we will see more of these coming out as the three battle for whoever be the first of sorts and test the "equality for all" ideology of the United States of America.

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