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Too Busy This Christmas? Take on This Prescription

"Too busy with the crowded hour to fear to live or die." EMERSON

Tension is the curse of modern civilization! Tension is the natural result of modern-man's unbounded egotism! Only he can save himself.

Read on further to know the story and what needs to be done in a busy Christmas...

= =Story = = = = = = =
"Please, Doctor!" said the busy executive of a vast business empire:

"I must be alright soon."

The patient was suffering from high blood pressure and insomnia.

"What's your daily routine, my friend?" asked the doctor.

"Well, I get up and be ready in forty-five minutes for my work - shave, bath, breakfast, included! Newspapers are hurried glanced through while sipping tea and munching breakfast ..."

"Then?" inquired the doctor, worried and amused at the same time.

"Then my daily work begins at the office and it ends past midnight."

"Don't you delegate and distribute some of your responsibilities to others?"

"No, Not the important matters. And they are a multitude. Even at midnight or later when I go to bed I am worried about the things undone."

"Do you spare any time for your family?"

"Yes. We do meet mostly on Sunday morning at breakfast - that is if I am not out of station ..."

The doctor then gave him this prescription:
  1. Cut-down two hours daily -- for a walk in the evening.
  2. Visit the cemetery every day after the evening walk. Spend some time there. Read gravestones. Meditate - some of them were great, yet the world goes on, quite well.
  3. Play with children one hour every morning. Keep your wife company. Go on vacation twice a year.

Rtn Rajendra Ruia
Dist Chair: Rotary World Peace Scholarships
PP :Rotary Club of Bombay West [D 3140]