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A Thing or Two About Lost TV Series

For the past months I had been glued to watching a marathon of Lost episodes thru my computer's DVD player and for every episode that ends I cannot wait to watch the next episode after it. Why? Because of the pure suspense and excitement that comes with every bits and pieces of this series.

Lost is about the life story of survivors or so it seems from Oceanic Flight 815 and their struggle to stay in a remote island which gives them day after day of various aspects of challenges. From the simple getting of food, drinking water, exploration, really really weird inhabitants and up to the so called, "The Others."

What is fascinating about this series is that it not only talks or features the story in the island but also brings in the individual life story of the survivors through flashbacks and portrays the individual baggages which each of them brings into the island. It also shows how each of them is seemingly intertwined with one another either once or twice during their life. It's like friendster or facebook in some way as they are seemingly linked.

Another intriguing mystery in the story is the so called Dharma Initiative since this is almost present in all of the facilities, installation and even the supplies in the island. What is this initiative and why are they on this island? What is the so called "experiment" that they are doing and what is its intention? Those are still some of the answers that I need to find out.

Most of the characters in Lost is lovable in their own way. John Locke who is the hunter and the one who always talk about fate but sometimes makes illogical decisions whose huge consequences he have to bear; Harley or Hugo, the lovable fat guy with a big heart and who thinks he is a walking bad luck; Sayid, the former Iraqi Republican Guard who has the way of knowing the truth from a person; Jin and Sun, the Koren couple who have lots of past and issues about their relationship as a couple; Jack, the doctor who feels he have to save everyone; Kate, the lady turn between two hunks nd carried a lot of baggage as well; James or Sawyer, who wants all to be mad at him; Charlie and Claire, whose love is blooming; Mr. Echo, the black guy who sees dreams.

Well they are just some of the characters that you will love in this series. I have heard that lost is set to be up to Season 6 and I am sure that every episode of every Season will really be heart pounding.

So what are you waiting for grab your dvd or yout local station and watch Lost or be lost forever...