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First World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF 2008) in the Works

The 1st World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF 2008) focusing on Education for Sustainable Development is now in the works and being organized by organizations and individuals from various organization and countries. The concept of WCYF originated from the idea of Prince Frederick Von Saxe-Lauenberg, Founder and President of Children of the World 2000. The forum is scheduled to be held on December 6-11, 2008 at Bulacan.

The forum will consist of PLENARY SESSIONS which will constitute general discussion for all were various individuals with knowledge regarding the topic to be presented will be invited to discuss it with the participants; BREAK OUT SESSIONS which are workshop sessions were participants will be encouraged to experience the various learning that they will acquire; EXHIBITS or a session for 'sponsors' advertising their programs or products. The exhibitor’s products/services/advocacies needs to be in tune with the theme of the event; and ON-SITE TOUR – for further hands on or experiential learning or immersion from different industries or profession

Topics of the forum are divided into 6 sub-topics which will form as thematic groups of the forum. Among them are: (1) Peace and Human Rights – in depth discussion and skills sharing on effective approaches towards peace and human rights education, as well as assessment of current situations; (2) Climate Change - promote awareness and instill action towards supporting ways to lessen the effects and causes of climate change; (3) Sustainable Energy – utilizing forms of energy that is environmental friendly and will be sustainable for future generations; (4) Sustainable Lifestyle - promote how important is individual action in sustainable development and how our actions affects others and the world; (5) Entrepreneurship - creating jobs by utilizing one's own capabilities and potential; and (6) Education and Technology - integrating Technology in teaching as powerful tool in creating learning bridges

An additional topic, Advocacy for Sustainable Development is added which will focus on building skills and knowledge on how to effectively influence and/or enforce policies to reflect genuine sustainable development."

This forum will focus predominantly on viable models, which ensure the sustainability of the earth. The values inherent in these models cannot be imposed through legislation and rules but must come directly from the people themselves through:
  1. >> Mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development
  2. >> Educating participants to come up with innovative, proactive solutions to partake in addressing the issues of peace, climate change, sustainable lifestyle, renewable energy and entrepreneurship among others.
  3. >> Empowering the youth who are and will be parents and the leaders of the future generation in politics, schools, and business among others.
  4. >> Altering perception of participants in order to develop interdependence not only externally but internally by building a common world understanding and culture of peace
  5. >> Creating a platform to allow creative solutions for responsible communities
  6. >> Sharing existing successful working models by presenting hands-on experiences
  7. >> Offering skills and tools for implementing the models and approaches presented
  8. >> Promoting life-long education by creating a circle within which we are both teachers and students using the unprecedented power afforded to people through technology.
  9. >> Extending that power and knowledge from person to person, without constraints or boundaries.
Members of the Executive Committee who organizes the event includes:
  • Prince Frederick Von Saxe - Lauenberg - Founder President of Children of the World 2000; Initiator World Creative Forum
  • David D. D’Angelo (Philippines) -National Secretary General and International;Council Member – BROOD; National Oversight Board of the6th National Youth Parliament
  • Sammy Jacobs Abbey (Ghana)- Director, International Centre for Conflict & Human Rights Analysis
  • Imoh Colins (Nigeria) - Board Member, International Institute For Global Leadership (IIGL); Executive Director, Centre for Human Developemnt and Human Transformation (CHDST).
  • Bukola Akosile (Nigeria) - National Network Coordinator and Programme Assistant, West Africa Network for Peacebuilding(WANEP-Nigeria)
  • Gemma Bulos (Philippines) - Founder, A Single Drop; Architect, Million Voice Choir; Composer and Performer of "We Rise"
  • Dr. Nina Meyerhof (United States) - President, Children of the Earth UN-NGO; Founding Board Member of Source of Synergy Foundation; World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality; Senior Fellow-Global Dialogue Institute; Advisor to ChildCare-Rai Foundation- co-founded Foundation with Rai University, India
  • Craig Burrows, MBE (Philippines) - Executive Director: Philippine Business Leaders Forum (PBLF); Executive Director: ASCF 1990 - present; Executive Director: Kalinga at Pag-ibig Foundation; Associate Editor Philippine Business Review
  • Cecille Estoque (Philippines) - IT Education Trainer/Consultant and TIG member and Microsoft Philippines Partners in Learning Ambassador.
  • Matic Zupanc (Slovenia) - Student Council of University of Maribor
  • Antonella Vagliente (Argentina) - Ecoclubes Argentina; International Relationships Coordinator, 1st International Water and Youth ForumArchitect
  • Robin Charles Ramos (Philippines) - BROOD Taking IT Global and GCAP- Mindanao Coordinator
For information and inqueries on sponsorship or request to become an exhibitor or sponsors or even a participant you can e-mail the Secretariat at or contact the Project Coordinator at +63-44-7660406 or through mobile number +639062083200 or check on