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Trillanes and Lim Surrenders: It's Over!

It's finally over. After six hours of stand-off in Makati Peninsula, Sen. Trillanes and Brig. Gen. Lim yielded to the troops of Pres. Macapagal-Arroyo an surrendered. They cited avoiding loss of lives as their reason for coming up with the decision. This happened shortly after an armored personnel carrier rammed into the lobby of the Manila Peninsula hotel.

This is the second time that Trillanes led a coup and then decides to surrender. The event at Manina Peninsula ended to become a victory for the government and what seems to be a loss of credibility for Sen. Trillanes and the Magdalo troops.

Before that the group together with Ex-Vice President Guingona, Bishop Tobias and other call on the President to resign sighting the rampant corruption and the loss of her moral capacity to lead. Lim and Trillanes also told everyone that they will held their stand and that not even death will move them out. In the end it all turns up to be the opposite.

This stand-off and its end will be talked for days and perhaps many opinions and views will come out. The thing is what happened in Manila Peninsula reflects in some way what we are now.