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When Online Gaming Emulates Real Life: The Rich Becomes Powerful and the Poor is Powerless

The trend on online gaming and MMORPG is for me very alarming since the sio called "free for play" is actually a notion of the real world democracy where everyone can participate where in fact only those with money to s[pare can actually get the desired weapons, armors and other equipment and materials which will make them more powerful. This is in reality the capitalist way of the world wherein the more money you have the greater power you will attain in these online games.

Games like Flyff and Pangya as well as other new players in the field introduced this so called "Free Forever" concept which is a diversion from the concept introduced by Ragnarok wherein gametime is bought by buying cards of different denomination and then items can be acquired while playing in the game, accomplishing quests and levelling.

The new concept on the other hand focuses more on the player purchasing in-game points in exchange for the ability to buy items. This will in due time translate into the actual selling of games items and even characters on MMORPG.

Well money involvement in games had already been on the rise. With players from different games making a character strong and acquiring evry good items then selling them for real cash. Ragnarok players for instance would sell an item for as low as P200 to as high as 8,000 pesos.

These games are also addictive even with the effort of gaming companies to promote social corporate responsibility thru various projects like scholarship programs and rewards they do not directly address the real problem attached with gaming addiction.

As the games become more "money" and "capitalist" based we can see that in the end these games are not so different from how the real world runs.

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