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Searchers Googles What?

Many internet user will surely agree with Google Inc., the Google group provided a statistic of most frequent keyword use on Google search engines.

Frequent searchers from Egypt, India and Turkey type the keyword "sex" on Google search engines. Germany, Mexico and Austria were world's top three searchers of the word "Hitler". The word "Nazi" tops in Chile, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The top searchers for other keywords were as follows (in order from first to third place):

"Jihad" - Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan

"Terrorism" - Pakistan, Philippines, Australia

"Hangover" - Ireland, United Kingdom, United States

"Burrito" - United States, Argentina, Canada

"Iraq" - United States, Australia, Canada

"Taliban" - Pakistan, Australia, Canada

"Tom Cruise" - Canada, United States, Australia

"Britney Spears" - Mexico, Venezuela, Canada

"Homosexual" - Philippines, Chile, Venezuela

"Love" - Philippines, Australia, United States

"Botox" - Australia, United States, United Kingdom

"Viagra" - Italy, United Kingdom, Germany

"David Beckham" - Venezuela, United Kingdom, Mexico

"Kate Moss" - Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden

"Dolly Buster" - Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia

"Car bomb" - Australia, United States, Canada

"Marijuana" - Canada, United States, Australia

"IAEA" - Austria, Pakistan, Iran

The word "Gay" is also in the no.1 search word in Chile.

Data presented are from 2004 to the present retrievable on the "Google Trends" Web site.