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Manny Pacquiao destroy Marco Antonio Barrera

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Won by Unanimous Decision.

Four long years in the making. The big difference is the age and the amount of damage each fighter has taken over the years. Barrera didn't have the speed or quickness to keep up with him. I expect a early knockout that will finish the fight but Barrera show he is a warrior.

Pacquiao pushing foward with hard jabs and land a hard right. They trade on the inside and now they start to fight as Barrera is giving as good as he is getting. Pacquiao with a hard right and he begins to unload on Barrera and landing hard punches. There is a clash of heads and Barrera hits Pacquiao on the break. Barrera has blood from a cut under his eye from the clash of heads. Ref is taking a point from Barrera for hitting on the break.

Barrera a cut under the right eye !!!

Pacquiao thrown total of 306 punches and landed 169. Marco Antonio Barrera landed 75 out of 215 punches thrown.

Pacquiao caused the only TKO loss of the Mexican champion's career in their first meeting in late 2003, and Barrera refused to go down against one of the sport's knockout artists.

He plans to retire after the fight with Pacquiao, regardless of the outcome.