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Inday conquers the Inquirer (defeats rival Ederlyn)

Well it is amusing how simple SMS jokes can eventually turn to something so popular. I remember the time when we all use to laugh in the so called Erap jokes and its compilation "Eraption". The we were all in laughter again as we get acquianted with Ederlyn, the famous homosexual or "baklita" or SMS and the e-mail world whose family photo is shown here by Simpleng Balahuraan. Now conquering and surpassing them all is Inday, the socialite housemaid who talks high sounding English. She is now featured in todays Inquirer issue and even in the FEATURE section of the Inquirer.

The famous maid was even impersonated by Maureen Larazabal in the show Bubble Gang and shows some sort of how Inday came to be the intellectual that we all know. She began as a simple maid who was discriminated by her employer because she does not understand English nor has finished any education. Upon perseverance and with self determination Inday studied hard and she was rewarded with a gift of intellect that can make everyone of us nose bleed.

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What is also amusing is this well eloquent made also has a blog like most of us. Click here to visit Inday's own blog...!

Here are some of Inday's avid fans and erstwhile supporters:
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