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Erap's Pardon Destroys Fundamental Filipino Values

I agree with what the teachers from Miriam College is saying as I can relate to their feelings the first moment I see the morning Inquirer on October 26 saying that Erap was pardoned unconditionally by GMA. I said, "What!". After just two weeks of conviction Erap is free. Where is justice in that?

The Board of Paroles nor the prosecutors was not even consulted regarding the pardon. I will be more than happy to see a reversal in the conviction of Estrada to a lower case of Graft and Corruption rather than plunder because after all Jueteng money is not the people's money but a pardon? That is the most stupid and ridiculous thing a president can do. Well she have done it anyway in order to create a stronger position and hold in her posts amidst new streams of controversy and renewed calls for her resignation.

Before the pardon there was the ZTE deal and then the giving of so called "gifts" to local officials which was later on admitted to be coming from the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines or ULAP.

What was funny was when Erap thanked Gloria and in his letter indicated that he will eb supporting the president from hereon. Now who is the opposition? Through this move it seems that Gloria had solidified his grasp of power.

In a moment of thinking we might say that we have lost the war and our justice and value system was destroyed. Yes it has been destroyed by those who are in the top seat of power but there are still a few good men who will rise up and acknowledge the justice that this country deserves. Our officials is aggravating the cancer that our nation has long endured and to them I say.. "SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!"

I may not be a perfect person for I too have shortcomings of my own. I am not the cleansest of all men but when it comes to serving our people and this country I would say that I can give my life to this cause. We ought to love our country and serve our fellowmen for nobody can save this dying nation but us.

On the rescent SK and Barangay elections there were many indicators that it is turning out to be infiltrated now by the system of the trapos. The SK at their young age are also resulting to vote buying and others.

Erap's pardon gives a gret precedent that it is not a high priority in this country to give justice to the crimes against the people but what is important is saving the seat of power of a person called GMA.

Miriam College: Pardon mocks values we teach

MANILA, Philippines - We, the officers and members of the College Faculty Association of Miriam College and veterans of Edsa II, vehemently denounce the granting of pardon to former President Joseph Estrada.

After our nation went through the turmoil of Edsa II because of his scandal-ridden presidency, after the riotous response of his followers in “Edsa III,” after six long years that the Ombudsman spent in careful, courageous and thorough presentation of witnesses and documents before the Sandiganbayan and after the vigorous defense by his brilliant legal team, he was found guilty of plunder beyond reasonable doubt.

Our criminal justice system has affirmed the judgment that our people rendered in People Power II. The nation is now supposed to be in a position to move on,
with its belief in our justice system restored and with some of our national pride retrieved. We should now look forward to making other corrupt officials accountable before our people and our justice system. But we cannot do all this with the grant of pardon to Estrada. Clearly, the government would not let us move on.

For political expediency, legislators and MalacaƱang offered pardon for the unrepentant and arrogant convict; one who shamelessly plundered and disgraced
our beloved nation has been absolved of his crime by President Macapagal-Arroyo who herself is hounded by so many scandals.

Miriam College stands for truth, justice, peace and integrity. Truth was impartially bared with the Sandiganbayan decision. Justice will not be served if Estrada escapes his sentence. And peace will be a long time coming because with this precedent, grafters will continue to rob our country, unafraid of the full force of the law; and socioeconomic disparities in our country will worsen.

Education is extremely difficult when the school teaches good citizenship while the country’s leaders make a mockery of it. For the sake of our children and our future, pardon should not be given without Estrada (not his lawyers) apologizing to the Filipino people and without justice being rendered first.

—RAUL F. ALEJANDRINO, president,
Miriam College Faculty Association,
Caritas CFA Office,
Miriam College,
Loyola Heights,
Katipunan Road, Quezon City