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President Arroyo's Credibility

Credibility is always been the topic being thrown to GMA's Regime. I'm not PRO or Anti-GMA. I am interested in unity and progress to all Filipinos.
In her speeches, she always talk about progress, development and economic stability. A great leader must have integrity,moral ascendancy and credibility. Without credibility, no leader can succeed.

GMA’s worst failing is in transparent and accountable governance, resulting in her massive loss of credibility. That's why her trust rating has been miserably low.

You know what's funny, her cabinet members like Sec. Bunye is always to the rescue. Bunye is always saying "The President doesn't care the result of the survey, she will do what best to our country."

If you will read Artemio V. Panganiban column, he said To regain her credibility, I have suggested that she (1) direct all her close relatives, officials and cronies to “follow strictly the Constitution, anti-graft law, ethical standards law, public bidding laws and similar codes;” and (2) fortify “our democratic institutions by naming trustworthy officials, especially to the Supreme Court and the Commission on Elections.”

“With prudent legal advice, goals can be attained under the rule of law.”

The economy is gaining but the poor do not feel its effects.

Our people have a deep impression of widespread graft in her government. The Philippines had fallen from 121st to 131st place, out of 180 countries in the corruption rating of the Berlin-based Transparency International