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Nicanor Perlas Disqualification Hearing at COMELEC; Melo, No Show

The appeal against the disqualification of Presidential bet Nicanor "Nick" Perlas was heard today at the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and surprisingly Chairman Melo was not present during the hearing.

The hearing was presided by Commissioner Sarmiento with Commisioners Velasco, Tagle, Ferrer, Yusoph, and Lardizabal present.

Perlas represented himself in the hearing together with his son Chris and was accompanied by some supporters. He also submitted additional documents which includes the updated online petition signed by more than 1,700 individuals from more than 50 countries.

Commissioner Sarmiento then acknowledges Nicks submission of additional proof to reflect his global reputation in support of Petition and then it was over.

After the hearing media groups interviewed Perlas and Perlas said that he is very positive that he will be qualified to run for President. People there also congratulated him.

The soonest release of the decision on the petition will be out by the first week of January 2010.

Other petitioners that was heard today was disqualified Senatorial bet, Danilo Lim who was accompanied by 3 lawyers.

Most of the other disqualified presidential bets were not present including Ely Pamatong, Alperto and Cua. Other candidates there for other positions were Anthony Castelo, Amay Bisaya, Romeo Maganto, and the entire Democratic Party of the Philippines.

The order of the hearing was based on the date the candidates filed their certificates of candidacy.

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peter said...

nice report. has more details than mainstream media. also makes me wonder why media did not mention about Melo missing the hearing.

David D'Angelo said...

Howie Severino himself says that alternative and new media carries more truthful and objective news than mainstream media... reason... we are not beholden to corporate interests but to public interests... thanks for reading and please do share with your friends and do follow the Newz.