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Monsanto and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Revealed on TV

I stumbled through this post at a blog entitled ParisPointGriset and it was a relieving thing to know that even in Europe Monsanto got problems with their GMO products.

Monsanto leads in the production and campaign for GMO foods and crops and keeps on saying that they are safe... well they are not safe. Here's a video about Monsanto.

In the Philippines Monsanto is the promoter of GM Corn which caused a wide uproar on activists campaigning for organic products as well as those opposing GMO like Greenpeace and NO GMO Coalition.

Here's my reference article from ParisPointGriset.


G@ttoGiallo said...

Thank you Dave, it's for tomorrow night on arte, we are a crowd waiting to know more.

Tom said...

Thanks for the video!
Also, did you know that bees gather nectar from plants that are genetically modified, they loose their sense of orientation, can’t get back to their apiary and die... If however, they can avoid the GMOs, but come back to the apiary with contaminated pollen (by other contaminants), the “guards” kill them at the entry of the apiary ….