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Movie Review - Avengers End Game (Spoiler Alert)

Despite the seeming success, good reviews and is a movie of epic proportions, AVENGERS ENDGAME is far from being a perfect movie.  For avid fans of the Marvel Universe, there are certain things that make the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) something perfectly likable. This is the FULL MOVIE REVIEW of Avengers Endgame, if you want the NO SPOILER REVIEW please click here.

Avengers EndGame is the culmination of 11 years and 22 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It is the conclusion to a well-planned series of movies which brings us to the confrontation with Thanos and the wiping out of 50% of Universal being.

CHARACTER:  10. Avengers EndGame features the biggest ensemble of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Compared to the Comics Infinity War though there are visible characters left out due to ownership issues like Fantastic 4, the X-Men and others.

Each of the characters in EndGame will have a good twist of their personality.  This is something that makes me laugh and surprised as I watch the movie.  I think when something as bad as that happens some people change for the better and some people for the worst.

This movie is perfect in the sense that it shows the various angles of the character.  My favorite among them is THOR who I am laughing at every punchline he has.  The tandem of Thor and Rocket Racoon was also awesome and I expect to see more in Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

COHERENCE: 4. The film deviates from the comics in a lot of ways but what do you expect this is a better move since it gives you a totally different universe.  I give it a 4 because for me it totally destroys the comics lore in many ways.  If you want to know what happens in the comics then read the comics since the MCU is totally different, way different.

Here are some of them:

  • Adam Warlock is supposed to be part of the Infinity War
  • Thanos main motive is not all righteous he just want to fulfill what Mistress Death (his love interest) wants him to do.
  • Thanos was dead and was resurrected by Mistress Death to do her bidding and was never killed in the Infinity War.
  • Thanos became an ally since the real evildoer in the comics is Nebula.  In fact, even Galactus joins the battle against Nebula.
Another problem here is the Time Paradox.  The major problem with the Avengers EndGame though is it violates a law of the main weapon they use to defeat Thanos in many ways.

  • Past Thanos was killed, so where is the effect of that in all of this?
  • Captain America marries Agent Carter, so where is the effect of that in all of this?
It puts into question if the movie or the writers really mind about the paradox and laws of science used in the movie or was it just done for cinematic pleasure.  This is my main concern in the movie since it leaves a question for someone who would go technical.

What Avengers EndGame did also open up to a lot of possibilities and in fact, I can say that this movie is not the end but might just be the start of many more.

PLOT: 10. Avengers Endgame is a movie that is really targetted towards every audience. The shot of all female superhero was a salute to women and an answer to the raging question of why women superheroes are not as highlighted as men.

Thor, Hulk, and Rocket Racoon are there to bring comedy and light moments to the movie which is being pulled into sadness and depression by the ultimate demise and death of Tony Stark. We are all wondering who would take his place right?  Well, if you watched until the end and did hear that sound of metal clanking then perhaps you will have an idea. (Read our end credits explanation).

DEPTH:  9.  Avengers EndGame is an enjoyable movie which will take you on unexpected twist and turns, something that would put you in awe.  The depth of the storytelling is good and it also gives us a glimpse of each of the characters.

The movie will also reveal some back stories which you might just be seeing for the first time.  In the end, it will give you an urge to watch the Marvel movies chronologically which I will soon do.

MUSIC: 10.  The music is really very good and compliments the tension in the movie.  Marvel movies really had an outstanding soundtrack and I love it. I have not much to say about music but it was really good.  My favorite part, well it was an oldies song which was being listened to by a Guardians of the Galaxy hero.

VISUAL EFFECTS: 10.   The effects were really amazing.  They have put all of their good shit in this movie.  The ending battle was also something that makes me clap my hands.  Plus wait for the unexpected circumstances which you will see with Ironman, Thor, Captain America, and well Thanos.

POPULARITY: 10  Avengers EndGame is probably one of the most popular films today and even perhaps in the past 2 years.  It was a film that had been anticipated and waited by fans for a long time.

RECOMMENDATION:  10.  I highly recommend this movie to everyone.  Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, it is a superhero that deserves our attention.  Excluding the flaws of the movie, it was all good.

PLUS A REMINDER to all THERE IS A POST CREDIT SCENE which is very important.  Listen carefully.


Avengers EndGame is a great movie but it could have been better.  It is hard to play with a paradox that toys with scientific theories and I think in some way this movie had a problem with it.  Anyway, this is fictional so they can do whatever they want, right?

I am also sad that they delve a bit far from the Infinity War in the comics.  It could have been better if they stay as close as possible but as some say, if it is the same as the comics why watch them, right?

So there you go, folks, for the end of Phase 3 of the MCU known as The Infinity Saga.

Have you watched the Avengers EndGame?  What do you think?

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