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Throw Shoes at President Bush Online

TECH GUIDE IT'S FRIDAY (TGIF): "Sock and Awe!" is the latest online game to hit the internet. Why? Simply because it is a game which lets you throw shoes at President George Bush for 30 seconds. So far nearly 49 million shoes have successfully hit the cyber Bush in the face and the number is still growing.

The top 25 countries which are the best shoe throwers are: United States, France, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, United Kingdom, Germany, Pakistan, Lebanon, Belgium, Poland, Jordan, Morocco, Canada, Netherlands, Kuwait, Switzerland, Japan, India, Spain, Tunisia, Italy, and Venezuela.

If you want to get a shot and throw shoes at the most unpopular President of the United States just visit Sock and Awe! and beging hurling that shoe just like what the Shoe-wielding Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi did during the press conference of President Bush in Baghdad.

At least this time you will not be hurled away and in prison.

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