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John Cusack strikes on John McCain

An advertisement launched by is airing on television and showing Jon Cusack giving a pop quiz regarding the extreme similarities between George Bush and Sen. John McCain.

"I know my opinion doesn't matter more than anyone else's and I just make films," he told The Associated Press in a phone interview Wednesday. "But I do feel you have to speak out, and that's what I'm doing."

Cusack says he supports Democrat Barack Obama.

Although he has made such films as "War Inc." and last year's "Grace is Gone," in which he plays the husband of a soldier killed in Iraq, Cusack notes this has been his first high-profile foray into partisan politics.


Brady Frost said...

I don't like either option, to be honest. At first I was looking to Obama to lead the way but he's faltered on some key issues that he really needs to take a stand for.

Neither candidate was in DC for the vote on capping Big Oil's profits during times of critical pricing on gas, lest they put some of those profits toward alternate energy development or repairing or building refineries.

I can't wait for gas to be 10 bucks a gallon just so people will be forced to look at alternative fuel sources. Ethanol? You've gotta be kidding me.

Shen said...

I still think that overall Barrack Obama is the most appropriate and intelligent choice... it's either we choose someone very same as Bush or we vote for change.